Private Hire

Tailor-made private services crafted personally, for you...


Private Sommelier

Having a dinner party and looking to complete your whole dining experience to impress your guests?  

Now you can hire your own personal sommelier for special dinners and parties. 

Our wine expert, Deniz will curate your wine selection for your occasion and ensure that it's suitable for your preferences and up to your standards.


Along with that, he will be creating special food pairings for each wine.

Which he will then act as your private sommelier and eloquently serve the wines for you throughout your dinner, answering any questions and telling the stories of the carefully chosen, unique bottles. 

Get in touch with us with your inquiries about this service, and we'll create a bespoke service just for you...

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Wine Consultancy & Education

Among the fast pace of life, most of us don't have time to think about the fine details of life, even though we'd like to enjoy them more.

Especially, when it comes to such a complex matter like wine. 

For people who are tired of drinking the same bottles of wines from their supermarkets, and the ones who are afraid of taking risks, our wine expert can save you the time and the trouble.

With our consultancy services, you can now discover your own tastes and finally learn about a different array of wines you will love.

Our personal consultancy includes a personal palate analysis, which helps us to guide you to the best suitable wines.


We prepare weekly/monthly wine guides and buying guides for you and with additional educational video call sessions. 

It is now easier than ever to reach a wine expert to help your wine enjoyment!



Food and wine are the ultimate highlights of such special days, as weddings are one of the most joyous celebrations in life.

Including private sommelier services, we offer special food & beverage consultancy services for our clients who are determined to make their special day gastronomically perfect.

From the correct sparkling wine selection to other wine & spirit pairings, we can ensure that your wedding leaves a delicious, memorable aftertaste on your guest's palates...

Get in touch with us for a free consultation to discuss what are your needs for your wedding and how we will be able to help.