• Deniz Bayram

Summer of Soave!

It was Summer Solstice last week, and what a great way to celebrate the longest day of the year by tasting the finest wines of Soave, a true classic Italian white wine.

The tasting in London was organised by Sarah Abbott MW (Master of Wine) with the partnership of Consorzio di Soave, the regulatory consortium.

Often than not, Soave has unfortunately been regarded as an old fashioned Italian white wine, but there is a reason why it is a classic and in fact one of the most age-worthy white wines in the world, That’s because it has a great marriage between its superior terroir and the deep connection with the native grape varieties.

Along with the famous, staple producers such as Bertani and Bolla, there were many smaller producers who gathered around the Consorzio di Soave.

The smaller names to watch out and sought out I think are: Gini, Canoso and Tenuta Corte Giacobbe.

The definite theme among the wines and the producers were that there isn’t a uniform style of wine that’s consistent throughout.

It was obvious that some producers are embracing a more leaner, fresher approach so called “European Style”, while some of them prefer to stick to older traditions and play with methods like skin-contact fermentation and rule out the use of any fancy new barrels or even stainless steel tanks and opt for old-fashioned concrete tanks instead.

It’s safe to say that ones who utilise more traditional approaches with wild yeast fermentation and skin-contact maceration are the smaller, more craft producers and that they produce wines that are incredibly more interesting and complex compared to sometimes boringly clean-cut "European Style" wines.

Nevertheless, the best idea is to see and taste for yourself!

So go ahead and try some Soave this summer to see what has changed since the last time you can remember having Soave, and support this incredibly unique and classic white wine region of the world.

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