• Deniz Bayram

London's Best Wine Shop

Greetings from arguably one of world’s best wine shops, let alone London...

From the outside, Hedonism Wines looks like a nice wine shop that’s very welcoming with its super friendly staff, but it can and will make any wine enthusiast fall on their knees with joy.

It is a serious but a quirky shop as well, featuring old Soviet Vodkas and Ukrainian Muscats and “Madeiras”. They also have some natural wines scattered along the entire shop.

They surely had a couple of Enomatic taster machines, which enable wines to be tasted without pulling their cork, and with an extra layer of protection against spoilage. Which luckily enables us to taste expensive and rare bottles with tiny taster portions, which otherwise most people wouldn't be able to afford as a whole bottle.

Their selection was down right stupendous with examples like 1999 Coulée de Serrant, 1957 Viña Tondonia Rioja and 1959 Château d’Yquem.

I tried a 1949 St. Emilion and a 1968 Moulin Touchais which were, least to say incredible, and it was a transformational experience to taste such iconic and old wines, where just two sips is more than enough. The experience was a stark reminder of the immense sensory and the psychological powers of fine wine. So, the tasting notes are worth sharing.

1949 - Clos-Fourtet, Saint Emilion

Beautiful garnet color with still some ruby hue in the middle left from it's youthful days. The nose was captivating and still had some signs from its youth, with intense prunes, sour cherry jam, pomegranate, black and even green pepper. The tertiary notes of sweet tobacco and leather discreetly followed. Palate was mind boggling, with all the aromas showing themselves, but with some of that mostly weakened, grainy Bordeaux tannins actually still showing themselves in mid-palate. And of course ending with a never ending, lingering finish. A true “vino da meditazione”. A special experience that’s beyond words… It's also amazing to think and hard to believe that it was made from grapes which were harvested 70 years ago!

1968 - Moulin Touchais

A very special, medium-dry, partly botrytized (partially mouldy grapes) "Coteaux du Layon" from the Loire Valley in France. The color is surprising with its clarity, lightness and brightness considering its old age. An incredible nose with butter popcorn, white truffle, salami, quince, white almond and dried apricots. Palate shows a fresh tartness and many of the same aromas, but more fruit focused. Insanely complex wine that ends again with a forever lingering finish, even after many sips of water. An intriguingly complex, bewildering experience. Truly an intelligently stimulating wine...

Have you had any special bottles that transformed your perception of wine?

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