Consultancy & Training

Helping your staff to build service competence and confidence.


Service Staff Training

Professional service is the largest part of any guest's experience in an establishment. From correct service techniques to guest relations and management, good service is truly an art that can only be learned. 

The widespread absence of professionalism among waitstaff in the UK is one of the most important reasons behind customer disloyalty dissatisfaction.

When delivered by a trained hospitality professional, comprehensive training on service approach to guests and fundamentals of proper service can be extremely effective in improving your service standards with immediate results reflecting on your bottom line.

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Wine List Consultancy

Wine and beverages have the highest profit margins in a restaurant operation. Hence, a beverage program, in the end, can make or break a restaurant and directly influence its profitability.


With the right pricing strategy, a carefully thought out and curated selection, an efficient inventory method, and with correct promotion and marketing, a well-thought-out, innovative beverage program can assure an establishment's success for years to come.


At a time where 20% of all UK restaurants are under the risk of going bust, let us help you assure your success. 

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Wine Service

Staff Training

Training waitstaff has paramount importance and immediate, direct effect on the path to a profitable beverage program.

Not all restaurants can afford or even need a sommelier, but one can imagine the selling power of a motivated and well-trained waitstaff over a simple beverage menu alone.


Investing in waitstaff means investing in and motivating the people that work for you. Once your waitstaff has the essential understanding of proper beverage service, up-selling and theoretical knowledge of wine and beverages, they are always more motivated and driven to sell more and learn more.

So, invest in your waitstaff in order for them to work better for you and motivate them for long term success.


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