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Corporate Tastings

Within the seriousness of the corporate world, hospitality and entertainment can oftentimes be repetitive with restrictive and limited options that lack

uniqueness and excitement, which are the ultimate purposes of stepping off of work to have a breath of fresh air and fun.

While deciding, oftentimes there is a fine line between quirky and serious choices. And regardless of expensive venues, ballrooms and high-class events, the subject of experience often fails to leave a mark, lacks uniqueness.

A beverage tasting can break the ice and make tough business negotiations more manageable. 

We ensure that our corporate customers make the best impression on their prospective business contacts and clients by helping them organise bespoke and premium wine & spirit tastings either on their very own office premises or an amazing venue.

Get in touch with us with your inquiry to discuss it over a free consultation.


Networking Events

Networking is an essential part of the business for all companies and businesses, but particularly for growing start-ups.

It is an extremely popular way of receiving and giving referrals. Hence, it is a challenge to keep networking meetings and events consistently interesting.


With our diverse partners of suppliers, we can ensure that your next networking event shines with uniquely chosen and presented wines & spirits.

We also provide private hire services for events, where you can hire us to organise the service of the wines & beverages, pour and serve them with a team of wine professionals.

After all, it's those small touches that can make or break your guest's perception.

Please get in touch with us to learn more and to get a quote for your next networking event.


Team Building & Away Day

Keeping employees motivated and ensuring their effective communication between themselves can be a challenging task for many companies.

This is especially true for inter-departmental communication within a company.


We provide unique and fun experiences for employees in the forms of constructive team-building exercises through an interactive and analytical wine tasting session or an away day learning how to prepare cocktails or out on an exciting brewery tour.

As wine & beverages are seen to be a fun subject by most, these events are proven to be effective.

So, before the session, rather than prejudices, there are excitement and curiosity among employees.

Whether, blind tasting as a team, or incorporating arts into a wine tasting, our wine tastings are guaranteed to bond your employees.


Get in touch with us to learn more if our format is right for your needs and to learn how we implement our unique concept.